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Fort Lauderdale

Located on the southeastern coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a city mainly known for its beaches and canals. The network of inland canals and bays offers you an opportunity to explore the land using rental boats or water taxis. It is famous for the cultural events, arts and the famous beaches where you can soak in the sunshine almost any time of the day. The climate is close to ideal due to the wonderful beaches and the beautiful sunshine all year round. It only takes a flight which you can book to be last minute flights to Fort Lauderdale or you can search for discounted flights which will enable you to have a memorable trip with minimum or discounted expense. Book your cheap flight to Fort Lauderdale now.

Popular places to see:

  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park: This Park is a gift from Hugh Taylor Birch to Florida and is known for different activities that you can do. It is ideal for friends and family tour where you can rent a canoe and roam in the freshwater lagoons; you can explore the local plant life in a short break and hike, and much more. The picnic area has a great view of the waters and nature which will leave you rejuvenated.
  • Museum of Discovery and Science: As the name suggests you can explore the world of science while knowing and understanding the new discoveries along with your family. The rides and 7D Theater make it a big yes during the trip. You can explore mars, hang out with sharks and turtles or immerse in a film adventure at the biggest screen in South Florida. This place is a must watch especially for the children.
  • There are Everglades Swamp Tours on Airboat with customizable tours which offer you to experience nature and wildlife and also have an educational journey through Mother Nature’s wetlands. You can explore the wildlife and get to see the different kinds of flowers, plants, migratory birds, turtles, snakes, and many more. Indulge in this unforgettable adventure and explore the local cuisine in this memorable tour.

Must eat dishes

Fort Lauderdale has got a great food scene, with a wide slew of restaurants. There are a long list of things popped up over the past year in the area’s culinary scene. It offers the best resource to keep up with all the new things happening. There are insane menus consisting of dishes like lollipop chicken wings with lemongrass and soy sauce, a brat burger topped with sauerkraut, bacon wrapped meatloaf, fish and chips that will certainly make anyone’s mouth watery and wet.

Must do things

Fort Lauderdale comes with miles of beautiful beaches, vibrant art scene and a variety of accommodations for everyone. It offers various gorgeous scenes like gondola rides on the canals and shopping on Las Olas Boulevard to strolling along the historic seaside promenade. This fun city in Florida becomes a memory that last really long.

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