The basic terms apply to everyone who travels and travel-related services provided for sale by the Vacayflights Inc. Its employees, agents, affiliated companies, associates, Independent contractors, and or subcontractors (referring to ‘Vacayflights,’ ‘us,’ ‘we’).
A term like service or services in the Terms and conditions implies :

  • The term ‘trip’ can be defined as the package of services, or a Service offered.
  • The term ‘vendors’ and/ or ‘suppliers’ refers to any service provider we offer.
  • The term ‘itinerary,’ referring to a particularized schedule for a passenger’s trip.
  • The term ‘References,’ here refers to – The ‘traveler,’ or ‘you,’ or ‘you’re,’ may apply to each and any of the followings –
    • A party participating in any offered trips and/ or
    • Attempting to purchase or
    • The party who purchases a trip
    • A trip for themselves and/ or for family or friends or others.

All bookings of Trips are subjected to the ‘Terms and conditions’ of the service providers incorporated in Vacayflights Trip.
By making an order with Vacayflights, a customer agrees to stick to all the rules that we have and to be found by the limitations. If the terms and conditions of the supplier ever conflict with the terms and conditions of the Vacayflights, Vacayflights will handle and control all the issues. The Airlines are entitled to cancel, modify or reschedule the flights they process. Any problems related to air tickets that have been contracted by our services, please let us know to solve it for you.
Carefully go through the terms and conditions; we will help you with any queries or any doubts you have and consult your attorney before you agree to be bound by them. The Traveler acknowledges that they have taken note of the terms and conditions before booking and have accepted the same by marking the “I Agree” the box on the bottom of the same submission page. When a traveler purchases a trip for someone else besides themselves, clicking on the “I Agree” box verifies that the Traveler has informed all other travelers in their group of these terms and conditions by accepting them on their behalf, also agrees to be abiding by all the terms and conditions. The further Inquiry or processing of an order is not technically possible without acceptance.


To access our website or services, one must fulfill the following necessary required conditions:

  • A person should be at least 18 years of age.
  • You will use the website according to the Terms of use.
  • One must have the legal capacity to create legal billing obligations.
  • You can use the services provided by outside on behalf of yourself and the third party as well.
  • The information provided by you is true, current, accurate, and complete in all means.



When a person books services using our website, he/she authorizes us to act as his/her representative during the process of booking such services from the selected Travel suppliers. By this, we get the authority of making payments for the goods, as mentioned above, and /or services by your name and on your behalf as needed. We shall issue tickets and charge you following your booked product. The amount you are charged with is displayed before your booking confirmation. In case the information provided by you is incorrect or a third person processes the payment in the form of credit, we may require to process the additional verification.


The information accessed through Vacayflights, it’s features, functionality, and original content remains the exclusive property of Vacayflights and the licensors. The site is protected by the trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property laws. The reproduction or use of the trademarks, or any other information related to Vacayflights used to misuse or to misleading with wrong intentions, are strictly prohibited under the applicable National and International legislature laws and will be prosecuted.


The customer must verify directly with the Airlines, indicated on the itinerary, for the latest baggage allowance knowledge to know about the permitted weight, count, and the size for each type of item they would like to carry with them on a trip. Some carriers provide lower fares that do not include the luggage. Once you have chosen your flight, verify the order confirmation and find out if the luggage is included in your fare, and if not, you need to add it. In most cases, the services are offered by the airline’s website. The addition of luggage at the airport is costlier; to avoid extra charges from your pocket, ensure adding it before you check-in. The policy of luggage charging charges varies from company to company with time-to-time. Some of the Airline companies charge luggage charges for any of the luggage you carry. Some companies also charge an additional charge for carrying luggage if it exceeds the size, weight, and count mentioned in their airline policies.


The terms and conditions agreement extends to all the services offered by us, including the services offered to you by our partners. As you contract with our company’s or with any of our partner’s services through our company, you automatically agree to all the fees charged for the contracted services, including those additionals that companies may require. We uphold the right to cancel your bookings if full payment is not received in the specified time. Some Airlines or the hotel suppliers may ask you to make some security deposit in the form of cash of card to cover any additional expenses at the time of travel. We urge you to know and understand that any breach of the rules and regulations of the providers may lead to the cancellation of your reservations, the loss of any funds for reservations, and /or the debits of your account for any charges we incur as a result in infringement, the denial of access applicable to any travel services or products.


Once you are done with the bookings from our website, you will receive an email for order confirmation from Vacayflights on the provided mail address by you. The sent email gives your passenger’s details, a summary of charges, itinerary details, and acts as proof of your successful reservation with Vacayflights.
Note: The order confirmation is not an electronic ticket. A separate email with an e-ticket will follow once your reservation is verified and ticketed.
The inability to modify or cancel booked tickets is restricted and depends on the airline’s fare rules and regulations policies. However, some airline companies allow free cancellation within 24 hours after issuing the tickets, and this possibility is limited to specific airfares and ticket types. Get in touch with our representatives to cancel a reservation and request the cancellation policy for your ticket.
If you request any modifications and/or changes due to some circumstances needed in your original booking, in addition to the terms and conditions of the Airline company, our processing charges are applied.
Based on our terms of cancellation, some fee charges are applied, and we accept all currency.
The remaining balance will be reversed in the primary account source; please ensure that the return period depends on the bank policy.
You will get no refund if you book with us any services or products, including flight services but do not make-up to check-in or do not avail yourself for the purchased products or services.


In case you avail of any service of product traveling to different countries, we are not responsible for any risks that the significant country possesses and do not hold liability for any damages or losses related to travel.

  • Valid passport
  • Sometimes Visa

When you book your tickets with Vacayflights, you need to provide us the accurate credit and debit card details. Giving the credit and debit card details, you authorize Vacayflights to charge you from the total amount of your traveling services. You have multiple charges for multiple purposes in your bookings – “Taxes and fees” and “fares” for the travel services in the total amount.
You will be If we encounter any issues while processing your payment, we will notify you. As a result of payment failure, we are unreliable for any subsequent price increments.


In no case shall total liability or our distributors or suppliers exceed the total costs stipulated in the itinerary, which generates such liability. Note that the claims or cause of action arising out of or connected with your access and use, or the purchase of products and/or services from the website must be submitted before the date the purchase was completed, within the mentioned date in the Terms and conditions. The legislation in force does not allow any exclusions or limits regarding the liability for the damages. Hence, the above mentioned may not be applicable in your case. Your use of the site is at your risk.
Our company and the subsidiaries of our company are not responsible for the acts, errors, guarantees, representations, omissions, violation, or negligence of such providers or any personal inquiry, death, loss, damage of material, accident, delay, or any other damages or other expenses resulting from them simultaneously. You will get no refund, or we will not accept any responsibility of material damage, in case of delays, any cancellations, bankruptcy, labor disputes, strikes, overbooking, machinery breakdown, government restraints, quarantine, weather, Force Majeure, or anything that is beyond the direct authority of the covered party.
There will be no responsibility of any covered party responsible for any service, who provide services on the website, breach of warranty, not for any other wrongdoings of a Service provider, as to any service and/or product available through this website. No Covered Party should be responsible for any service provider’s failure to comply with this agreement or applicable federal, local, state, and provincial law.
Using our website, you will automatically agree to all our basic procedures and proceedings, and there will be no legal action against us in case of any issue.


Any act of situation which is beyond our control is called as a ‘majeure force’ event. In such circumstances, we are not liable to perform any failure or service interruption in any form, either directly or indirectly.
There will be no legal responsibility of any party for any kind of damage incurred or suffered by the other party, as long as the delay or failure is a direct result of a Force Majeure event. We will strive to attain the best solution possible to minimize any kind of delay and find the right measure for the contract between us to perform despite the Majeure Force Event.


The exclusive means of settling any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement (including any alleged breach thereof), the Service, or the Website shall be BINDING ARBITRATION administered by the American Arbitration Association. By accessing our site or our service, you automatically agree to the dispute resolution procedures mentioned above. From the moment you access our site or our services, you automatically agree with all the indicated arbitration. We are not answerable if you have not completely concentrated all that is expressed in this agreement.
To be precise, under this agreement, the payment processing services for goods and/or services purchased on this website that are provided by Vacayflights will be on behalf of the airlines on the basis of payment method used and also on the type of goods/services.


You admit to protect and recognize our company it’s associates, partners, business partners and/or their respective traders and any of their respective directors, leaders, agents, managers, and employees from and any declaration, requests, recommendations, losses, causes of action, injuries, fines, sanctions or any other amounts, including legal and accounting expenses.

  • Not the right use of the website.
  • Defaulting in the laws with the third party.
  • Your or on your benefit in an overabundance of the responsibilities described.



For safety concerns, hazardous items must not be packed in checked or cabin.


Travel Insurance will be provided by Third Party. Therefore Insurance, even if purchased as a part of the service by the Company, is provided through a third-party insurance company and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance company and all requests for service under the insurance policy must be filed directly with the insurance company, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions. You acknowledge and agree that the Company has no control over the insurance provider or its coverage decisions, and as a result the Company is not responsible for and shall not be liable for policy coverage, claims processing or the denial of any claims. However, you are strongly advised to obtain travel cancellation insurance and travel insurance prior to the period of travel. This may, without limitation, protect You (depending on the nature and terms of the travel insurance policy)